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Cell Tower Fatalities

Practically each American uses a cell phone these days, but many of us do not contemplate what goes into providing your cell phone with service virtually everywhere. The signal used by our cell phones comes from hundreds and thousands of cell towers across the nation and globe which are constantly being maintained and new towers constructed. Recently, it has come to the public’s attention that working in this industry as led to a number of cell tower fatalities. Americans are being made aware that cell tower maintenance is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Cell tower fatalities have become such a big issue that PBS Frontline has decided to do a special investigation entitled ‘Cell Tower Deaths.’ The most recent recorded cell tower fatality occurred on May 16th 2012. Cell tower climber Jonathan Guilford was working on a tower owned by AT&T when he fell over 100 feet to his death. Prior to Guilford’s cell tower fatality, there was a recent wave of cell tower fatalities. In April 2012, there were deaths on the 12th, 14th, 15th, 17th and 23rd.

Prior to the recent increase in cell tower fatalities, between December 5th and April 11th, there were no cell tower fatalities. Experts in the industry suggest that the trend in cell tower fatalities is very sporadic and hard to predict. The only distinguishable trend in cell tower fatalities is that they are increasing and that cell tower fatalities are expected to continue increasing as cell phone networks continue rapidly expanding.

Experts cite three main causes for the increase in cell tower fatalities. The first is that they believe many cell tower climbers are equipped with shoddy gear. Because the workers are trying to get as much done as quickly and cheaply as possible, many cell tower climbers use outdated or overused gear. This can lead to cell tower fatalities. In Guilford’s case, he was attached to the tower, rappelling down when he stopped suddenly. His sudden stop caused him to bounce upwards and his overused carabineer broke, detaching himself from the tower and allowing him to fall to his death.

The next cause for many cell tower fatalities is inadequate safety training. Due to the rapid expansion of networks, many cell tower employers are trying to hire as many climbers as possible. In order to get the work done promptly, many workers are hired and put on jobs before they have the opportunity to receive their safety orientation.

The third cause of cell tower fatalities is generally adverse working conditions. Because of strict deadlines, many cell tower climbers work through the night to meet deadlines. They are also sometimes encouraged to finish their work even in poor weather conditions.

Cell Tower Fatalities Lawsuit

Up until now, the major wireless carriers have attempted to remove themselves from any liability in cell tower fatalities. They are the ones who own the towers even though they employ a layer of subcontractors to shield themselves from blame. If you have a loved one who has suffered a cell tower fatality, you may be entitled to compensation through a cell tower fatality lawsuit. Please call one of our expert plaintiff attorneys to discuss your potential cell tower fatality lawsuit.

Cell Tower Deaths Lawsuit

If you have a loved one who suffered from a cell tower death, you might be entitled to financial compensation from a Cell Tower Deaths Lawsuit. Our law firm is seeking to represent those injured or killed in cell tower accidents through Cell Tower Death Lawsuits. Please call today to speak to an attorney about a potential Cell Tower Deaths Lawsuit.

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